Our Mission: We strengthen Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Scottsdale through our endowment

Barker Legacy Society

The purpose of the Barker Legacy Society is to grow the Club's endowment so that Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Scottsdale can continue to serve area youth in the present and for future generations, putting them on the path toward great futures. This society is named as a tribute to the generous Foundation donors, Hartley and Ruth Barker and to recognize the long term security planned giving donors provide.


Nancy Anixter

Rick Baker

Curt and Sue Barker

Elizabeth (Lisa) Hartley Barker

Barbara Ann Berry MD

Kevin and Heidi Bollinger

Mark S. Bosco and Amanda L. Bosco

Todd and Cyndi Brown

Jim and Sandy Bruner

Janet and Paul Caldarelli

Barry and Rikki Chasse

David and Dina Cohen

Paul and Claudia Critchfield

Harold Crutcher

Hale Curtis

Mary Eggstaff

Bertram E. and Betty A. Feingold

Patricia Fisher

Bob and Judy Frost

Donn and Rachel Frye

Paul S. Gerber

Dick and Jan Govig

Frank Gorman

Caro Gregg

Elsie Haws

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Haws

John C. and Terri Heitel

Jonathan Hess

Durrell and Gwen Hillis

Steve and Suzanne Hilton

Darlyne and Chuck Holley

Jeffery and Lisa Hurst

Nancy Jarko

Kathy X. Kramer and Bill Martin

Linda Lagomarsino

Mark and Judy Letendre

Ken and Sarah Levine

Don Lindner

Ron Lundeen

Bill McGavock and Susan Henningsen

Mary Ellen McKee

Karen and James Meyer

Joshua Mundy

Sherry Nelson

Shiela Nichols

Scott and Carrie Ori

Pam and John Philips

Rich and Cathy Reinken

Edi and Jerry Remaklus

Stacey & William Richman

Robert and Gabrielle Rife

Paul and Maureen Rubeli

Donna and Dale Smiler

Peter and Claudia Stesiak

Marilyn and Jim Stratton

Pat and Ted Stump

Don Swanson

Dan and Jennifer Thompson

Robert and Polly Turpin

Frank and Laurie Verderame

Robert and Kristi Winter

Anonymous (2)

Anonymous (2)

In Memory

Bill Anixter

Ann Arthur

Ruth and Hartley Barker

Karen Crutcher

Michael Fisher

Jean Gunn

Bill Haws

Lou Lagomarsino

Linda Lindner

Lyn Lundeen

John Marusiak

Wally Nichols

Patricia C. Nick

Gaylene Ori

Warren Ruff

Kiki Swanson

If you would like to join in the Barker Legacy Society, please fill out the form below or contact Antoinette Delaney, Senior Director of Foundation Operations at Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Scottsdale Foundation to learn more.

Barker Legacy Booklet